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Berkeley Business, Employment & Estate Mediation Lawyer

Everyone knows that civil litigation can be expensive. Before you go down that path, it is well worth considering alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration.

Attorney David Welty, in Berkeley, California, has extensive experience using mediation to resolve civil disputes, including those involving business, employment and estate disputes. He advises clients in mediation sessions, and also serves as a neutral mediator. Mr. Welty worked as a business lawyer for many years, where he negotiated mergers and divestitures, and handled cases involving complex financial questions. His business law background, combined with his mediation experience, enables him to provide informed guidance in the civil mediation process.

Areas in which David Welty utilizes mediation include:

  • Resolution of contract and contract disputes
  • Disputes between partners or shareholders
  • Employment law disputes
  • Estate disputes, will contests and probate disputes
  • Family law and divorce matters

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Using Mediation to Resolve Civil Disputes

Mediation is especially well-suited for resolving disputes in estate and family law matters, because it can preserve family relationships that litigation may destroy forever. It can also restore trust between partners in a commercial venture and re-focus their attentions on making the enterprise work. Mediation is much less expensive than traditional litigation and produces results in a more timely fashion.

An Experienced Mediation Lawyer Serving the Oakland Area

Not every lawyer is suited to advise clients in mediation or to serve as a mediator. David Welty has had special training in mediation techniques and has worked in the field for many years. After obtaining his law degree and working as a corporate lawyer for several years, Mr. Welty took a sabbatical to earn a master's degree in psychology. He now uses his academic knowledge and practical experience to guide people toward mutually satisfactory solutions to civil disputes.

Mr. Welty has all of the qualities needed to be a good mediator — impartiality, empathy, trustworthiness, and creativity. You can depend on David Welty to handle your mediation with skill and integrity.

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