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A Probate Lawyer in Berkeley, California

Probate is the process that enables the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries of a will and closes out the financial affairs of an estate. If the process it is not done correctly, it can lead to needless costs and delays in the distribution of assets.

At The Law Offices of David Welty, in Berkeley, California, we have extensive experience in all aspects of probate administration. Our knowledge and efficiency in such matters has saved our clients untold sums in addition to sparing them many of the thankless tasks involved in the process.

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Providing Advice and Services at All Stages of the Process

Our firm can advise and assist an executor at all stages of the probate administration process. We can identify assets and debts of the estate, provide advice regarding the disposition of particular assets and debts, prepare tax returns and reconciliations and file the final documents with the probate court. If a problem arises regarding a tax issue or title issue, our experience enables us to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

The Law Offices of David Welty are flexible and can provide complete services in every aspect of probate, or just those services the executor needs in order to fulfill his or her duties.

We pay close attention when advising and assisting an executor in order to avoid the possibility of a dispute that could lead to costly probate litigation.

Avoiding Probate

It is possible to avoid the expense and bother of probate using trusts. Our firm has established various types of trusts for many clients, as well as providing trust administration services. To learn more about the use of trusts to avoid probate, contact our firm.

Contact an Oakland-Area Probate Attorney

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