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Berkeley, California, Child Custody Lawyer

Attorney Handling Child Custody and Visitation Cases in the Oakland Area

Nothing generates more emotion and anxiety than matters involving child custody and visitation. If you are a parent facing divorce or if you are experiencing conflict over an existing custody or visitation order, you need clear-headed legal representation.

At The Law Offices of David Welty, in Berkeley, California, we use the law to help our clients establish and maintain meaningful parental relationships with their children.

Our firm advises and represents parents in matters involving:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights and parenting plans
  • Post-divorce modifications in custody and visitation
  • Parental relocations
  • Paternity and child visitation rights
  • And other matters affecting children

Contact us online or call (510) 250-3778 to arrange for a free initial consultation.

Creative Solutions to Challenging Problems

Our firm has many years experience resolving challenging problems in these areas. Attorney David Welty is knowledgeable of the law and practical in his approach. We often use negotiation to achieve a workable solution that protects the client's rights, or use mediation to achieve a similar result. These techniques can resolve disputes cost-effectively and efficiently, with less emotional stress for you and your children. However, if litigation becomes necessary or appears to be the best method of achieving your desired results, we won't hesitate in protecting the rights of you and your children in court.

David Welty can discuss your situation and recommend the right approach for you. Then our firm will work diligently to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Using Mediation to Achieve Positive Results

David Welty is an experienced mediator and also serves as an attorney for clients in the mediation process. Over the years, Mr. Welty has achieved excellent results for clients using mediation. This process has many advantages, particularly in the resolution of child visitation and parenting time issues.

In mediation, the parents control the process, not a judge. The people who understand the situation best can shape a solution that works for them. This method can produce parenting arrangements with less animosity. Children can more readily adapt to their new situation, without the stress created by a court fight. In addition, the cost of mediation is almost always lower than litigation.

David Welty can help you decide if mediation is right for you. If it is, our firm will work diligently to achieve a creative solution that protects your rights and enables you to enjoy a rich and meaningful parental relationship with your children.

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For a free initial consultation with The Law Offices of David Welty, call (510) 250-3778 or send us an e-mail. From our law office in Berkeley, California, we serve clients in Oakland, Hayward and surrounding areas.