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Berkeley Property Division Attorney

Oakland-Area Lawyer Dividing Community Property

California is a community property state. That means that in the event of divorce, all property and debts accumulated during the course of a marriage are supposed to be divided equally. Sound simple? Think again. There are numerous issues that can make the community property division process very complicated. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make a big difference in the property settlement you ultimately receive.

At The Law Offices of David Welty, in Berkeley, California, we have successfully handled a wide range of cases involving marital estates of all sizes, many of which have involved complex property division issues. We have the knowledge, resources and creativity needed to successfully resolve all issues related to the division of assets and debts.

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The Property Division Process

To achieve a property settlement, community property and debts must be identified, valued and divided. An asset owned by an individual before marriage or obtained through inheritance is clearly separate property and not subject to division. However, problems may arise when separate assets are transformed into community property — for example, when a married couple pool their separate savings to buy a house.

David Welty understands the law as it affects these types of transformations and the property tracing process. He also works with appraisers and valuation specialists who can support clients' valuation claims and who can challenge valuation assertions make by the other side.

Our firm has successfully negotiated many property settlements on behalf of clients, and has achieved fair and workable settlements through mediation. However, if necessary, we will litigate to protect your rights.

Complex Property Division

Attorney David Welty has extensive experience in divorces involving complex property division issues. These have included cases involving ownership of closely-held businesses, high value marital estates, real estate, division of retirement assets and other issues.

His experience enables him to quickly identify the key issues in a case and the potential solutions. We work with a network of business valuation specialists and accountants who can provide insights and guidance in complex property matters.

In your case, The Law Offices of David Welty will work to achieve a property settlement that protects your assets and your rights, and which places you in a favorable position after your divorce.

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